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Volunteering & Placements

Volunteering Opportunities at Sidings Community Centre


Sidings Community Centre offers a range of opportunities for volunteering. Volunteers can expect to gain extra skills and practical experience, plus training opportunities in return for offering their genuine time and commitment. All volunteers are regarded as valued additions to the centre team, enhancing the quality and range of what the centre can offer. Volunteer opportunities can be occasional, for a defined period or regular and ongoing.


People can volunteer in the following key service areas:

  • Early Years and related services
  • Youth Club & Out-of-School Project
  • UK Online and computers
  • Centre Administration & Publicity
  • Becoming a Trustee
  • Green and Environmental Issues
  • Fundraising events and schemes


You could volunteer your skills and help start a new project or group.

Policies and Procedures

All volunteers are supported and protected by our Volunteers Policy and Volunteer Charter. People interested in volunteering can expect an initial interview and regular support and supervision. For those areas where they may come into direct and regular contact with young people or adults at risk, they must be prepared to undergo a Criminal Record Bureau Check for safeguarding purposes. We have a volunteer pack on general information about the centre which we give to people interested in offering their help. We will also put people in touch with other local schemes for volunteering opportunities.

Sidings views all users as potential volunteers as valuable assets within the community, who can contribute time, skills, bring added value to existing service delivery, develop new activities, and even help with fund-raising activities.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer– please speak to one of the staff who can take your details, or send us an email.

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering can be a useful way to:

  • keep your CV alive
  • build skills and experience to help job and career prospects
  • introduce you to a new set of friends or people with like minded interests
  • provide you with free training
  • put something back into the community for the benefit of others
  • Open routes to new skills and activities
  • Feel part of a more connected community

Corporate Social Responsibility Opportunities

We will be exploring ways to engage with the business sector to tap into any Corporate Social Responsibility programmes which may benefit the area. This could range from one-off activity such as “painting & decorating days”, “helping with a fund-raising event”, or offering longer-term pro-bono support with professional skills. If you would like to discuss any opportunities for shared action, use our premises in exchange for some help – please get in touch.

Student Placement

The centre currently offers several placements opportunities throughout the year. These can range from adults who need placements every day or certain days in the week over a term or over a year. We offer placements to school-aged young people (mostly Year 11 -13) placements for one or two weeks in our key services areas (as above). We are currently in touch with Hampstead and William Ellis Schools for offers of placements.

We can also offer placements for some people who might be doing in-service training for employment purposes, or some students undertaking research projects. We will work with the school or college to ensure our placement meets requirements, and offer appropriate supervision for young people under 18 years old.

We also encourage our older youth members to become “youth trustees or ambassadors” to take on representing the youth club in consultation events, or adopting a more responsible role within our youth club provision. Several of our former youth members have become members of staff in our play, early years and youth service.

If you are interested in offering to volunteer yourself, other support of a voluntary nature, or want a student placement at the centre, then please get in touch by using the form below.

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